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Over 200,000 vehicles available through 100 Auctions every week.
We are an online member of more than 90 auctions located all around Japan. This online auction system allows us to check all these auctions and we can check all the vehicles that are coming up on auction two days prior to the auction date. We will make all arrangements including payments to auctions, transporting the vehicle, pre-inspection, documents etc. Unlike local dealers, we actually provide you the pictures of the vehicle and auction inspection sheets inspected by professionals.

Auction Procedure
Step 1:Finding out the market price
We will gather information and send you the market pricing data sheet. We find out what cars will be available at the auction 2-3 days before the auction date. We will then send you the list of cars that will be available at the auction along with the pictures and inspection sheet for each car. If you have a certain vehicle you want us to bid on, then we will go ahead and give you an estimate on the total cost by looking back at the previous 3 months average market pricing data sheet. We will then take a deposit between Y100,000~Y400,000 depending on the vehicle. If you would like to cancel your purchase, we will return the amount to you, but not if we have already made a purchase from the auction.

Step 2:Bid

Once you decide which one you would like us to bid on, then we will go ahead and place a bid upon your agreement.

Step 3: Win the bid
All vehicles at the auction are professionally inspected but we will perform an inspection to make sure everything is ok when the car arrives at our shop. We will then take it to the GOJ inspection and register it and deliver it to your base so you can purchase base insurance and transfer the title.

We will do our best to ensure that you are happy with your purchase, but please keep in mind that these vehicles are in used condition and maynot be 100% perfect.

Lets use the following vehicle for an example. This vehicle ended on January 14th (Friday) at Arai Bay Side Auction in Yokohama. This is the actual inspection sheet and the pictures of the vehicle. As you can see, its a Heisei 13 (2001) BMW 318 with JCI inspection valid until December of 2011. It has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 and interior rating of B which is good.

The bidding ended at 234,000YEN. Here are the calculations of the total cost of this vehicle.
Transporting Fee varies on which base you are located at and where the auction site is.
Our Company Local Dealers
Vehicle Price + Tax 245,700 YEN 438,000 YEN
JCI Tax 3,200 YEN 3,200 YEN
Recycle Fee 17,230 YEN 17,230 YEN
Registering Fee Your own 35,000 YEN
Maintenance Fee Your own 30,000 YEN
Transporting Fee 10,000 YEN 15,000 YEN
Bidding Fee 8,400 YEN
Auction Agent Fee 52,500 YEN
Total 337,030 YEN 538,430 YEN

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