Nippo Tradings is a Japan based company which originally started off as a used car dealer for US military personnel stationed in Japan since 2007. We now export used auto parts and engines to overseas. We are also a sales agent of Lexus F-Sports Products in Japan.

Nippo Tradings is a registered member to most major car auctions all around Japan, which makes us able to offer many sections of vehicles from over 20,000+ stock auction vehicles every week. We also purchase cars directly from private owners through our network, refurbish, and sell them.

Nippo Tradings will always provide you the inspection sheet and the pictures of the vehicle so you can take a look and know what you are buying. All cars we purchase at the auctions have been strictly inspected by highly trained and qualified inspectors.
Head office:
1-36-9-201 Asakusa-bashi,
Taito-ward, Tokyo, Japan
Japan #: +81-90-3426-9817
USA #: 206-497-1509

Sales: sales@nippotradings.com
Tech: tomo@nippotradings.com

M-F 10AM to 5PM

Business Licence:
Authorized by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Certificate No. 306631007837

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Main Lot:
1044-10 Koshikiya,
Ageo-shi, Saitama,


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